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2022 Winners

Last but not least, it's time to announce our charitable winner!

For our 2022 season, we're happy to support The Ottawa Distress Centre. A pillar in our community, doing incredible work for those who struggle with mental health.


It's a cause close to our hearts and we believe no one should ever feel trapped or alone. Life is important, you're important, we all deserve someone to talk to, and assistance when times are tough. Nothing is more precious than the time you have, not only for yourself but to your friends and family. Don't feel isolated, know that there's always someone who cares, and you are absolutely worth fighting for. Be kind to yourself, never let that sense of emptiness consume you. You have worth, you are loved, and there will always be someone ready to give you their ear and motivate you to work through your demons.

Never let anyone, or that devil on your shoulder make you think otherwise.

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