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Oi, and welcome!

We're an awards event for sauce-makers throughout Canada. As hot sauce and condiment connoisseurs, we know there's no shortage of unbelievable makers in this Country and we aim to showcase their creations, and fuel their work.

Condiments are a necessity in life, and we're all fortunate to have as many options as we do. Heating up our dishes has reached an all-time high because Canadian sauce-makers know their heat, know their flavours, and simply put... they're just a cut above.

We thank you for your work and creativity.


We also want to add to our mission, and to do our part to make things better in this beautiful Country.

50% of all proceeds will be donated to charity, for causes that are in absolute need of help. Each year we will pick a charity or organization (2+ depending on submissions), from a different Province, and we'll send them the donation.

Causes in line with:

Mental Health   -   Youth Health, Athletics, Nutrition, and Art Programs

Women's Rights   -   Animal Wellness   -   Community and Environmental Impact



Returning Awards:

Best Medium Sauce

Best Fruit-Based Sauce

(primary ingredient is a traditional fruit)

Most Unique Sauce

(have something that strays from the pack?)


Best Green Sauce

(self-explanatory; jalapeno, serrano, tomatillo, verde-based etc)

Best Nacho Sauce

(do you have a sauce that is unreal on nachos?)

Best Pizza Sauce

(is your sauce the must-have for pizza?)


The Apex Bracket Challenge

A brand new event we've conjured up to have a little fun. 16 sauces from 16 different makers (possibly a second bracket depending on entries), going head-to-head in a single elimination bracket challenge. This event will not be blind-tasted, it will be judged purely on overall taste and impressions, and the winners will move on to the following rounds. All teams will be randomly seeded and will face their opponent at random. Sauces will be tried on different foods by our panel and guest judges and we will crown 1 winner, The Apex Predator of Sauces.

The winner will win a cash prize and card, and part of proceeds will go to charity.



Sauces will be judged on certain criteria and rated with a tier system as shown below:

S = Elite,   A = Excellent,   B = Very Good,   C = Good,   D = Not Bad,   F = Poor

​The criteria we judge the contestants on will vary depending on the category. They include:

Flavour,   Heat Level,   Consistency,   Smell,   Colour,   Ingredients,   Creativity
(tie-breakers are decided by Best Name/Design)

Our Panel

A group of friends, sauce-makers and condiment fanatics have come together to start this project. It's an idea that's been brewing for a few years and we've decided to take the leap. Teaming up with influencers, restaurants and local foodies, each year will have new and diverse condiment lovers joining in on the ride. Objective, fair, and downright enthusiastic, we aim to crown the Canadian Elite in the sauce realm.



Since this is an off-shoot project by Bonesaw Sauce Co., we want to be transparent that we are not, and won't ever be submitting any of our own sauces. We take pride in our work as sauce-makers, and as workers on this project. Honesty, inclusivity and respect are of utmost importance to us, and we want to ensure that these awards are conducted with integrity and care.

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